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GENERAL SALES, DELIVERY AND PAYMENT TERMS THE IVORY CLUB 1. Except special conditions stated on the front of the invoice or the order form and signed for agreement by the customer, only and to the exclusion of any other, the conditions apply which are listed below. 2. The specifications and price quotations are based on current values of wages, materials and services. If these changes are made independently of the will of the seller, they reserve the right to adjust prices in a proportionate way. The customer has the right to cancel the agreement within eight days after he has been notified of this price change. 3. Complaints regarding delivery must reach us within eight days after delivery and in any case for the use or the resale of the goods. 4. Any protest against the invoice must be made in writing within eight days after the invoice date. You are requested to state the date and number of the invoice. 5. All invoices are payable in cash, unless otherwise stipulated. 6. At the time of purchase, the customer pays 80% of the total sales price of the goods. The remaining 20% of the total sales price is paid when the goods are collected, unless agreed otherwise. 7.The goods are only ordered after the conclusion of the agreement and payment of the first 80% of the invoice. 8. Payment of an amount has taken place at the moment that this is credited to a bank account of The Ivory Club. 9. If the customer places an order, it will be revocable at the latest until the end of the day of order. Afterwards, in case of a cancellation of the purchase, the customer will always owe the full amount of the product to The Ivory Club. 10. The goods can not be exchanged. 11. After The Ivory Club has ordered the product, the size or model can not be changed. 12. All prices are in euros. 13. The Price used by The Ivory Club is exclusive of costs that may be incurred in connection with the (execution of the) agreement (for example, entertainment, packaging, transport, insurance, travel and accommodation costs, shipping and handling costs, costs). for a rush order), unless indicated otherwise in writing. 14. If adjustments have to be made to the goods after they have been adjusted and ordered by the customer, these adjustments will be charged separately by The Ivory Club on top of the selling price of the sold goods. 15. If the customer wishes adjustments to the delivered products of The Ivory Club, these adjustments can be made in the workshops of The Ivory Club by qualified staff of The Ivory Club. The customer hereby expressly accepts full responsibility for the result of these adjustments, with the exception of intent and / or gross error. The costs of these adjustments are borne by the customer. The Ivory Club accepts no responsibility whatsoever for modifications to the delivered products with the exception of intent and / or gross error. 16. In the event of non-payment of the invoice within the set period, interest on arrears, equal to the statutory interest, will be due from the due date by operation of law and without prior notice of default. In addition, a flat-rate compensation of 10% is due on the invoice amount. 17. The same compensation is due to the seller in case of late delivery that is not due to force majeure. 18. The Ivory Club is only obliged to release the goods ordered by the customer if the invoice has been paid in full. The Ivory Club retains the title to all of its goods until they have been paid in full by the customer. 19. In the event of a dispute, the courts or the justice of the peace are territorially competent in the place where the obligations (on which the dispute arises, or one of them) arose or where they have been or are to be executed. Belgian law applies to this agreement. 20. If the buyer does not collect the goods on the date communicated to him, we reserve the right to consider the agreement as terminated after expiry of a period of fifteen days, without prior notice of default. The storage of the goods awaiting delivery or collection is at the expense and risk of the buyer. 21. If we are unable to execute the agreement as a result of force majeure, strike, lock-out and suchlike, we reserve the right to terminate the agreement without any compensation being required. 22. We also reserve the right to consider the agreement to be terminated by operation of law and without prior notice of default in the event of bankruptcy or apparent insolvency of the customer. 23. If we commit to providing services or services, 80% must be paid upon purchase and 20% upon delivery or completion 24. In case of non-payment we reserve the right to stop further deliveries, performances and services. 25. In the event of non-payment we reserve the right to consider the agreement legally and without prior notice as being dissolved for the whole or the part not yet executed. 26. The goods are shipped at the risk of the buyer, except in case of intent or gross negligence on the part of the carrier. Transport costs are, unless otherwise specified, at the expense of the buyer. 27. The Ivory Club will handle all orders and related personal details of your customers in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR (general data protection regulation)